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The Dungeon of the Damned
community message boards and chat with avatar and color options.
dungeon dweller since 1996!

SlipKnot Message Board
A music related site, nice
people good topics

Goth Metal World
A music related site, message
board and chat feature.

the sickest shit you'll find
online, pics, videos, forrums

This page is mainly for personal use,
but feel free to look arund at my cool shit.

Email: Kerosive@Keromail.com

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hhhhmm....about me eh.....I am a proffesional
Sasquatch Hunter, an avid fan of Captain Kirk,
a midget chaser, a boggle CHAMPION, and recently
I was nominated most likely to recover from a mental
illness by my fellow psyche ward patients....

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that one.

One time I thought I was an alien, but then I
realized the aliens wouldn't put implants in one of
thier own kind and since I have several that confirms
it...I am not, an alien. But I'm not certain that I might not be a highlander, I mean you never really
know for sure until you get your head cut off.

Okay...if I say any more I'll be arrested,
I want my lawyer...you?
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Ultimate Metal
The name says it all,
articles, events, cool
message board

Everything that is
Ozzy! meassage board
and picture forrums.

The Metal Crypt
Another Metal music
related site active
forrums great content

The Weekly World News
once again, I proclaim
the absolute
awesomeness of
this establishment!

active forrums,
but Goths can be so
snobby ometimes.

the most diverse
message board, people
from all walks of life.