Welcome to my K-Oz. Here you will find a variety of entertaining oddities! If you have no tolerance for twisted hummor, bizare behavior, or downright silliness...
this is probably not a place you want to be. However, if you are the kind of person who talks to yourself, thinks dead baby jokes are funny, and like how midgets
look in costumes....you are definately in the right place! This is a new version of my old website, so
if you have any comments or suggestions: Kerosive@keromail.com

There is some material on this site that
may be considered inappropriate for minors.
Strong language and explicit content.

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For your own safety, Boner the
crack addicted monkey will be
monitoring your visit here..........

Please do not feed the monkey
and try to avoid direct eye contact.

killed your soul - to save your head - come play with me - & drop dead fred -
- here - to thrill - we will allow - a strong impulse to disembowel-

Personal Pages
Writings, Art Work, About Me,
Photos and My Personal Link Page

Aliens and Oddities

some serious and some less than serious.
Plus my tribute to the Weekly World News.

Demonic Doll House
this is my bad barbie doll collection
and various other links to evil dolls

The Quantum Leap
the mind blowing subject
that is...quantum physics.