Common Sense
If You don't like things like sex, drugs, and violence, this page isn't for
you. You should have realized that by now and logged off instead of clicking my disclaimer.
If you're under 18, you shouldn't be here. You should be playing with barbies and GI Joes.
Parent's if you catch your kids looking at this site and throw a shit fit: It's not my fucking
problem. Pay more attention to your children, buy a net nanny, and if after that you still find
them here: get a psychiatrist for them, they were fucked up far before they found my site .

Discrimination: If you feel some views expressed on my page are religiously, culturally,
or racially discriminating, please be assured that I hate all of you shit eaters equally.
I hate the human race... but I do not press these beliefs on others nor encourage them
to endorse them. They are mine, I can have them, so fuck off. discriminate indiscriminately.

I'm not responsible for what you do. I wish I were some puppet master that could
make people do exactly what I want, but I can't! so if you do something stupid, it's not due to
my page...it's because you're stupid. If I told you to go piss on an electric fence would you do
that too? that might be worth getting sued over. preferably high voltage, horse fence wont do.

Legality: Yeah, most of the pictures on my page are not mine, some I have altered, some I have
not. Some of the original owners are linked from my site, others are not. Don't bother me by asking
for my permission to use them, I don't give two shits if you do or not. If you see something on this
page that I jacked from you, and would like it removed: you're anal retentive and should fuck off.
but since it's not mine I'd probably take it down if you ask nicely: Kerosive@Keromail.com

You still got a problem? or would you like to get back to the fun now?