This page is dedicated to Alien related material, some serious and some not so serious.
I have always been facinated by little green men and I'm hoping someday they will let me
drive their UFOs and try their space drugs. Also, I've included a collection of other oddities
and abnormalities. I do hope you enjoy my little freakshow...don't forget: Trust No One.

Thought Helmet

Alien Chamber

If I had an alien baby, I would sell it
on ebay. I bet alien babies go BIG on ebay. I hope you've enjoyed my alien
links so far, and if you haven't poked
bat boy yet...YOU SHOULD! The Weekly World News is the most awesome piece
of literature in the entire fucking world! ANyway...If aliens aren't weird enough
for you, the following pages should do
the trick. sick sick sick! Buckle up and
get your barf bags ready!
You're in for
a bumpy, brutal, mind warping, gut wrenching, eye popping, jaw dropping, groin busting, pant wetting, good time!

Chick Fights

Moon Monkeys

Stalker's Homepage

Alien Press

Banged Up

Bloody Midgets

Vomitus Maximus

Squirel Fishing

Forced Existence

Tenacle Porn

Museum of Hoaxes

Sea Monkeys

Crack Whores

Gourmet Girls

Moon Resort

Dr. Demento Show

Bone Jewelry

The Shock Jacket

The Twinkie Project

Mail order Husbands


Zombie Warning

Genetic Pet Fish

Horrible Thoughts

Human Toxome Project

Doc Zombies

Domestic Android

Anomalies Unlimited

Pet Fur Yarn

Modern Drunkard

Destroy All Humans (Game)

UFO Store

Crowded Skies (store)

ASF Merchandise

Aliens Collection (store)

Odd and Alien Gifts

Alien Entertainment Store

Alien Skull Paint

That Damn ALien T

SPace Ghost

ALF yes, ALF Mo Fo

Mork and Mindy

Stitch (and Lilo)

Marvin the Martian

Evie (Out of this World)

3rd Rock (Tv series)

Commander Spock

Yoda (cool site)

Kitten Juggling

Practical Jokes/Pranks

Dr Psychotic

Dumb Laws

The White House

Chicken or the Egg

License Search (GREAT)


Male Pregnancy

Psych. of Repetitive Reading

SellaField Zoo

Pop Tart Blow Torch

Victorian Robots

Jurassic Technology

Save the Guinea Worm

Online Pregnancy Test

Floral Sculpture Clinic

Pets...or Food?

Mystical Typing

Paris Jail Music Vid

Brain Farts

Destroy Amrican Idol

Yoga Dawg

Bored (the site)

Broken Inglish

End Evil

Geek Army

Trend Pimp

Daily Slacker

LOTR Spoofs


Net Satire News

Comedy Zone

Rent a Midget 1

Rent a Midget 2




I Hate Clowns

Monkey Meter

Hide the Perv

Wreck the Nation

Baby Bush Toys

Republican Dictionary

Feck The South

Lemon Zoo

Funny Midgets

Midget Porn

More Midg Porn

Midget Wrestling

Got Midgets?

Bonsai Kittens

the Exorcist in 30
seconds (bunnies)

Alien Loves Pred.

Alien Kitten

Games Gone Wild

Dangerous Toys

Gay Superheroes

Trunk Monkey

Bush or Chimp?

Naughty Secretary

Trash Can Sinatras

Jesus Vs Elvis

Deep Thoughts
by Jack Handey

Random Chuck
Noris Fact Gen.

Zombie Alert!

Tampon Bowl

Belly Button Buffet

How to Get Rid
of Door to Door


Messin' With Sasquatch

Mega Mona Lisa

Cow Abduction

Celebrity Ugly Stick

Innocent English

Cleaning Hunk

Monty Python Silly Walk

Pass The Pint

Universal Decision maker

Pets in Clothes

Cow Dating

Dog Judo

Kitten War

Virtual Nose Pluck

Redneck Vampire

Official Shotgun Rules

Macgyver for President

Pants Squirel

Wedgie Toss

Vintage Robot Porn

Zombie Pin Ups

Geek Strip

Okay, That's it for now Folks. Hopefuly You've managed to find something to your liking here, if not....then something is wrong with you! Because this is the very best the net has to offer! I'm tellin' ya what, I was supper selective about these links, I'm talkin' PIICCKKYYY. There were many pages that just didn't quite make the cut, I am sorry for those who were excluded...perhaps I'll expand someday...not soon though....this took a long time.......BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! Because now...this page rocks my socks.....

anyway! thanks for visiting and a big thank you to all the pages linked here for being
so damn entertaining, and FREE. Free is always good in my book

Thanks to
the crew for
helping me
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They put in
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hours that
I'm sure they
would rather
be spending
on more
things like cow
mutilations or
anal probing.

You guys
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promise I'll
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word for you
all with the

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